About Us

Who we are

A church isn't a religious organization, a social club, or a building. It is a group of people who have experienced the life changing power of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and who join together to worship him, grow as his disciples, and further his mission in the world. At First Baptist Church, we share the common confession that “Jesus is Lord” and are seeking to be Followers of Jesus, being changed by Jesus, on mission with Jesus. We rely on the work of the Holy Spirit to transform us into whom God wants us to be.

What we want for you

Our desire is for you to know Jesus and experience God's grace and forgiveness as we have. We also want you to belong to a community of Christ followers who will love you, encourage you, challenge you, and give you opportunities to serve. Perhaps we are the very group of people the Lord wants you to partner with in this journey of life. We would love to have you join us.